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 8 key kalimba is the easiest one for beginer,  and the 17 key kalimba is the most popular one, 21 key kalimba and the 34 key kalimba are suitable for advanced players.

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34 Key Kalimba

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Welcome to kalimbahome, kalimba is a musical instrument that originated in Africa.

My story with it can be traced back to 2002, when I went to Kenya as a volunteer in Africa, a place associated with hunger, war and disease, I was there teaching children to read and write, and to be honest, life was really hard, and I gave my all to help them.

While you were giving, you were also getting, and by coincidence, I came to know the kalimba, a simple musical instrument , but motivated many people with difficult lives, this is an unforgettable and precious memory.

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to Play Kalimba Songs.

I believe you will have the same question as me. When you first learned about the kalimba, the first question that popped into my mind was,

Is kalimba easy to learn? Of course this is a common question for all people who come into know kalimba.

Then the answer is that kalimaba is an easy-to-learn instrument among all musical instruments.

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Kalimba Songs

We provide free kalimba songs to every website visitor, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find your favorite kalimba sheet music here.

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Kalimba Chinese Songs

Star Wars Kalimba Sheet Music

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Kalimba Songs Video

Our website has received many feedback videos from our customers, many of them are also starting from a kalimba beginner, and these precious videos record their growth.

From: AcousticTrench

From : Sam Salvador

From: Garcia

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Learn something about kalimba, I'm sure you must be as curious as me when you first learned about kalimba, visit our blog to learn more about kalimba


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