There are many similar questions frequently asked by many beginners. I would like to do my best to sort out some kalimba buying experiences and share them with you. Hope it will be useful to new friends.

Q:Is Kalimba easy to play?

A: Yes,it’s. Kalimba. Kalimba is easy to play among all instruments, you can learn a simple instrument in a short time, and that sense of accomplishment will drive you to learn more deeply.

Q:Can I learn by myself, are there any tutorials?

A:Yes, unlike other instruments, Kalimba is relatively simple, you can start with simple pieces, and in the process, you can also experience fun. You can also pay attention to the content of our website, we will often update some kalimba learning tutorials, which are very friendly to new players.

Q:What type of kalimba should I choose?

A:The kalimba is available in various sizes, from 5key to 34key. Currently the most popular are 10 key and 17 key.

The number of keys is positively correlated with the size. The more keys, the richer the expressiveness and the larger the size.

Limited by the range and size, the 17 key kalimba has the largest number of players, as well as the most tutorials and scores.

In conclusion: 17 key kalimba is highly recommended.

Q:How much should a kalimba usually cost?

A:Kalimba is so small and portable that many people mistake it for a toy rather than a musical instrument.

Making a good kalimba requires quality materials and craftsmanship.

A shoddy kalimba can often ruin all your expectations. They usually have a bad tone and a bad feel, which can detract from your motivation in your learning journey.

Buying cheap kalimba is not recommended.

Q:Do you ship worldwide?

A:Yes, we ship worldwide. Please check our shipping policy.

Q:How should I contact your team if I have further questions?

A: Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.