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How to fix dead tine kalimba?

how to fix dead tine kalimba?

How to fix dead tine kalimba?

If your kalimba has problems such as noise, sizzling, buzzing and decreased feel.

Then you have come to the right place, this article is mainly to teach you how to fix these problems.

How does Kalimba make a sound?

You might focusing on how to fix dead tine kalimba, but If you want to fix the problem, you must understand the sounding principle of the kalimba.

The steel tines set on the kalimba are of differing lengths, with the pitch produced higher when they are shorter and lower when longer.

The steel has a stiffness but is pliable enough to be pulled down and released by the thumb or thumbnail.

how to fix dead tine kalimba?

Reasons why your kalimba has dead tine.

So why is there a noise in such a simple kalimba instrument? 

Generally speaking, the murmur of Kalimba is nothing more than the following reasons.

  •  Repeated friction between the keys and the stainless steel nut causes the nut to be damaged
  • The metal fatigue of Kalimba keys (shrapnel) directly leads to the weakening of elasticity, which is inseparable from the raw materials
  •  A small number of manufacturers have low-cost raw materials, and inferior fixed piano frames are used in the production process of the piano.
  • When the piano leaves the factory, the QC of some brands does not strictly inspect and debug the piano (quality control problem)

Solutions on How to fix dead tine kalimba.

How to fix dead tine kalimba?

For the above reasons, there are two solutions

  • Fix the clutter by moving the key slightly to the left or right, or try moving forward and pushing the key, grinding it into the bridge as it moves.
  • Put a piece of paper at the junction of the key and the nut (temporary solution) Cut a piece of ordinary office paper or A4 paper, etc., into a strip of about 0.3cm x 0.3cm (the thinner the better), and lift the key up , then slide the strip of paper between the key and the nut, lower the key until it clamps the paper, and tear off the excess.

Time to buy a new kalimba.

If the above solutions didn’t solve your problem, then it’s time you should consider getting a new kalimba. 

When many newbies buy kalimba for the first time, they often regard them as a toy rather than a musical instrument. 

In fact, as an instrument, the materials they are made of, not only determine their quality, but directly determine their timbre.

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