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How to play Animal Crossing kalimba ?

Animal Crossing kalimba

How to play Animal Crossing kalimba ?

Animal Crossing is a series of games developed by Nintendo. 

In the game, players live in a village inhabited by animals and carry out various activities. The series is known for its openness and uses real time.

This story describes the communication and bond between a young girl and her friends in the forest in the slow passing seasons. 

It is a story that grows in warmth and emotion.

Animal Crossing kalimba

Story about Animal Crossing:

One day, a girl named Ai moved to the animal village. While working in a shop run by a tanuki, she began to live a lonely life.

At first, Ai, who didn’t even know the direction, finally officially became a member of the village in the next election, under the protection of friends with personality such as the smart village chief.

Among them, Xiao Ai has a particularly good relationship with the gentle Sally and the straightforward Bukai.

Unconsciously, the three became close friends.

One spring night, Ai found a drift bottle by the river in the village.

Picked it up and opened the bottle cap, which contained a wonderful message.

“Plant conifers… Miracles will happen on the night of the Snow Festival.”…
The sun and the moon are turning, and soon it will be the winter ice and snow festival.

On this special day of the year, the atmosphere in the village is very lively. And for this day, Xiao Ai planted a coniferous tree following the information written in the letter.

On the night of the Snow Festival, the miracle that happens in the tree is…?

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Animal Crossing kalimba

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