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How to play mbira?

How to play mbira

How to play mbira

how to play mbira? If you searched for this question and came to this article, then you are probably a beginner.

Initially, you need to know about mbira, and then choose a suitable mbira for yourself.

How to play mbira

Learn how to use mbira.

We need a mbira, read the instructions inside clearly, understand the structure and precautions, hold the mbira with both hands, and play the keys with your thumbs. 

It will not cause calluses on the fingertips. The length of the nails is about 2mm, and the strength of playing the piano should not be too large. 

Only the right strength and angle can make the sound clean. Find a way to play that suits you.

How to play mbira

Learn to play two tones with mbira.

How to play mbira? What we need to learn is to play two tones, which means that two thumbs play two different keys at the same time. 

These two tones may or may not be adjacent. If they are not adjacent, use Play with both hands. If they are adjacent, you can use portamento or play with both hands.

 Double tones appear frequently in the performance score.

How to play mbira

Learn to play portamento with mbira.

To play portamento, you need to leave about 2 mm of fingernails. 

It is difficult to play portamento without nails, and it will hurt. Slide to the right, hold the keys with your fingernails, touch the keys with your fingertips and fingernails, and then stroke each key in turn to make a sound. 

When you start to practice portamento, don’t be too impatient, slide and play the keys in turn. 

Make the portamento sound uniform, and then slowly speed up the practice. 

When portamento, the angle between the fingernails and the keys should not be too large, otherwise there will be more scratching sounds without hitting the keys.

Learn to play wah sound with mbira.

When playing wah, use your thumb in the sound hole in front, and push it back and forth to the sound control to produce the sound of wua wua. 

Flicking on the hole can also produce a wah sound effect. 

If you are skilled, you can cooperate back and forth, and the wah sound effect will be more obvious.

Start to play your favorite songs.

Now you know how to play mbira.

After you have learned the above basics, you can find some notations of your favorite songs on the Internet. 

Generally, there will be some scores on the Internet, or there will be some thumb scores. 

If you have thumb scores, it is easier to strum the metal directly against the score. Shrapnel will do.

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