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Kalimba solid vs hollow?

Kalimba solid vs hollow

Kalimba solid vs hollow? 

For beginners, the first step in starting a kalimba journey is to choose a kalimba that suits you.

If you have done some searching then I am sure you already know that there are different types of kalimba.

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners is, Kalimba solid vs hollow?

This article is mainly about the difference between these two types of kalimba, and some advice on buying.

Kalimba solid vs hollow

Difference between solid Kalimba and hollow kalimba.

The hollow kalimba uses a hollow wooden box as the body, while the solid kalimba uses a solid piece of wood as the body. 

Both hollow kalimba and solid kalimba have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantage of hollow kalimba is that it has a resonant box, the sound is loud and full, the tone is better, and it can play wah. 

The whole board is not easy to crack, but because there is no resonance box, the sound is small and relatively thin, and it cannot play wah.

So in the game of Kalimba solid vs hollow, hollow kalimba wins. At least for beginners, hollow kalimba is more suitable.

What kind of kalimba should you buy?

Regarding how to choose a solid kalimba, it is recommended that novices try to choose a hollow kalimba. 

After all, the sound is better, and the hollow kalimba is strong enough for beginners. 

Even if you use the kalimba, there will be some small bumps.

As long as the kalimba is not dropped from a high altitude or hits hard objects with force, the hollow kalimba will not have any risk of cracking. 

How Shape of the Kalimba Affects the sounds?

In addition, when it comes to the shape of the kalimba, there is one more thing to add here. 

In addition to the common top and narrow bottom models, some merchants will also make some unique designs for the good-looking appearance. 

It is very typical for this radio model to have a special shape.

Although this kind of kalimba has a very distinctive shape , it is not as good as the regular model in terms of sound and playing comfort.

How kalimba’s material affects its tone?

There are many kinds of materials for making thumb piano, usually mahogany, acacia, spruce, red sandalwood, bamboo, etc.

Different woods have different looks and personalities, which also affect tone.

Choose the wood that suits you to get the sound you want.

If you are a beginner, then our suggestion is not to care too much about the material of the wood.

Because the influence of material on the sound of the kalimba is far less than the influence of the shape on the sound of the kalimba.

How many keys should be chosen as the first kalimba of the beginner?

According to the number of keys, the types of kalimba can be divided into many types, such as 5key, 8key, 10key, 17key, 21key and 34key, etc. Among them, 17key is the most popular.

The more keys, the wider the sound range, more songs that can be played, and harmony can also be played, which further increases the playability, suitable for advanced learners and capable beginners.

In short, many beginners now choose the 17 key kalimba as an entry point. From the perspective of difficulty and range, 17 key is indeed more suitable for beginners.

What we recommend for beginners.

After wrapping up our discussion about kalimba solid vs hollow, let’s get back to the point.

Combined with the feedback of our previous customers, we fully considered the situation of beginners, and from a professional point of view, we recommended some suitable kalimbas in our store to beginners.

Of course, we believe that when you choose a kalimba, sound is not the only factor to consider, appearance is also very important to you, so our suggestion is to choose any one you think looks good.

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